Our Story

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Fiona Grunwald

Sitting on a stool in my new and wonderfully decorated kitchen, I was completely fixated on 3 pendants hanging over the island. The lights were not my style; they were too white, bright, and glary.

I hesitated to replace the brand-new lights, having too many options to choose from, feeling pressure to make the right choice, and not having the right person to help.
When the new pendant lights were finally picked and installed, they were literally life altering. If you can picture a large grouping of gorgeous glass raindrops, wonderfully bright and embracing and warmly glowing when dimmed. My space was completely transformed, and no more glare!

That was over 10 years ago; I’ve been obsessed with lighting ever since. My experience motivates me to embrace the nurturing power of lighting; I am committed to bringing its elegance and harmony into your home.

My Background

Born and raised in beautiful Ireland, I have a Degree in Psychology from University College Dublin. I spent my corporate life traveling the globe as a Human Resource Professional. Inherently curious, I have enjoyed the opportunity to collaborate with individuals and teams from diverse cultures.

The combination of my Irish Celtic roots, along with living in London, Sydney, Milan, and now the Washington DC area, has shaped my love and appreciation for light and design.

As a constant seeker of knowledge, I am a certified Residential Lighting Specialist with the American Lighting Association. To fulfill my interior design obsession, I am R.I.D.E. qualified from the Designer Society of America and a True Color expert. I am a graduate of the Science in Design Academy and a strong advocate of the scientifically proven health benefits of incorporating Neuroaesthetic and Biophilic design in our homes.

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